Rainbow Riches Slots Jackpots

How to win Rainbow Riches slots is something everyone wants to know. While aiming for huge Rainbow Riches slots jackpots, you can spot articles about different strategies. Even Bitcoin slots players want to know if there’s an easier way to win. The thing is slots are random.

They don’t follow a controllable pattern. Every spin is independent. Even if you have bad spins in the beginning, it could get better over time, or worse. The catch is you don’t know exactly when. It could be a hundred spins from now, or it could be the next spin. Even a hundred people can’t really give you different “foolproof” strategies to win the Rainbow Riches slots jackpots.

When you click the spin button, slots will calculate using a sequence. Whether you win or lose depends on this result. One trap you shouldn’t fall into is thinking the slot is due to give you a win. The slots aren’t due to give you anything. Still, there are simple ways that can help raise your odds of winning.

To start, know that it’s best to practice on slots that aren’t complicated. If you can find a Rainbow Riches slots casino that will give you a no deposit bonus, that’s even better. Read on to find some helpful tips.

Getting a jackpot win from Rainbow Riches slots

One way of getting bigger Rainbow Riches slots jackpots is by unlocking the bonus games. What makes Rainbow Riches slots unique is that it has three different bonus features. Even on the Rainbow Riches slots mobile version of the game, these are available. At times, they can give you bigger cash prizes than Rainbow Riches slots jackpots.

The reason for that is these bonuses can give you large multipliers. You can get any three of these bonuses whenever you play. If you’re really lucky, you can bag all three of them, too.

  1. Road to Riches – When you get three leprechauns on the reels, you’ll get a yellow brick road full of multipliers. On the foreground, you’ll see a leprechaun with a golden wheel full of numbers. When you spin the wheel, the number that lands on the arrow will take you to a multiplier. You keep spinning until the wheel lands on “collect.” In this bonus, the largest you can land on is a 200x multiplier.
  2. Pots o’Gold – You can unlock this bonus by getting three pots of gold symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4. When you get to this bonus game, you’ll see a leprechaun surrounded by pots of different colors and multipliers. Where the golden arrow stops, that’s your multiplier.
  3. Wishing Well – When you get three wishing well symbols, you get to this bonus round. Inside each well is a multiplier, and you can pick one.

Strategies for the best chance at Rainbow Riches slots jackpots

If you want to practice betting without using your bankroll, your best bets are Rainbow Riches slots free spins. There’s no better feeling than getting those large Rainbow Riches slots jackpots for free. Another option you can go for is no deposit bonus. The longer your bankroll lasts, the higher your chances of getting wins are.

These tips can’t guarantee you’ll get Rainbow Riches slots jackpots because the slots results are random. Another way you can get better at playing is to know when to increase the number of pay lines to activate. If you get a winning combo on an inactive pay line, you don’t get that win. You can check it any time you want to see what combos you need to win.

Some slots let you choose how many pay lines you want active. Your chances of winning Rainbow Riches slots jackpots increase if you get a wild symbol on the winning pay line. Now that you know simple ways of maximizing your winning potential, what are you waiting for? Make that first deposit bonus and start playing for real.