How to Win Rainbow Riches Slots

The charming Irish-themed Rainbow Riches slots game has drawn in a lot of players. The main reason why people flock to this online slot is it has three bonuses which can be your keys to unlock massive payouts. The strategy to get the most of your rainbow adventure doesn’t really give any sure way on how to win Rainbow Riches slots. Despite this, you can still have a high chance to collect a potful of Rainbow Riches slots coins when you follow tips on controlling your betting amounts.

How to win Rainbow Riches slots bonuses

Knowing what to aim for when you play Rainbow Riches slots is much like knowing how to win Rainbow Riches slots casino game. There are four ways a player can win big in this slot. The first one is by triggering the normal game mode jackpot. You can do this if you line up five Wilds on each of the five Rainbow Riches slots reels along one of the active Rainbow Riches slots paylines.

The other ways on how to win Rainbow Riches slots are through the game’s bonus features. Among these is the Wishing Well that you trigger by landing three Wishing Well symbols on the reels. In this feature, you get to pick one of the Wishing Well icons onscreen. The one you picked will reveal the multiplier you’ll receive.

Another feature you should aim for is the Pot of Gold which might reward you with the Rainbow Riches slots jackpots. You get to this game when you make three Pots of Gold symbols appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. Following this, pots spin around the leprechaun. Whichever pot stops at the arrow is the pot that shall show the multiplier you’ll get. While waiting to trigger this mini-game, you may activate Rainbow Riches slots Auto Play function.

Lastly, if your spin happens to leave three leprechaun symbols on any reels, you will then enter the Road to Riches game mode. You will find this is a fun way on how to win Rainbow Riches slots. You will take forward steps through the road of increasing multipliers according to the number on each of your Rainbow Riches slots free spins on the leprechaun’s wheel. This game stops only when the wheel’s arrow points at “Collect” or when you reach the 200x multiplier.

Bet strategy for Rainbow Riches slots players

The best Rainbow Riches slots strategy on how to win Rainbow Riches slots is betting the right amount per spin. The Rainbow Riches slots bets you place should be small enough for you to be able to spin a lot of times. At the same time, it should be large enough to get a good payout for every win. A good way of doing this is to use about 5% of the total play credits you have. Having $100, for example, you should use just about $4 to $5 only. When you do such, you’ll realize that a good control of your bet amount will effective regulate your losses.