Rainbow Riches Slots Auto Play

Don’t believe the myths such as “sure strategy on how to win Rainbow Riches slots jackpot.” Bear in mind that slots use RNG or random number generators. Every spin is independent of the last or the next one. Just because you’re on a hot streak now doesn’t mean you’re immune to getting a losing streak later. Even if you use the Rainbow Riches slots Auto Play function, you still aren’t sure your game will end favorably.

However, if you have a huge load in your player account, there are special functions you can use to your advantage. One of these is the Rainbow Riches slots Auto Play feature. While this feature doesn’t guarantee big wins, this assures you easier gameplay.

Why use Rainbow Riches slots Auto Play

The Rainbow Riches slots Auto Play function allows you to leave the slot spinning on its own for a number of turns until you command it to stop. Depending on your betting style, you can set the slot to spin automatically for a certain number of times and, at the same time, adjust the coin value per bet.

Playing this way can help you use up your spins quickly, especially when you just want to chance upon the special game modes of Rainbow Riches slots. For instance, you have 600 spins; it will be too time-consuming and tiring to click through them all. Using Rainbow Riches slots Auto Play function, you get to multitask and experience hands-free playing.

Using Auto Play to meet betting requirements

If you’re in a Rainbow Riches slots casino with a high betting requirement, Rainbow Riches slots Auto Play can save you. Most casinos that offer bonuses will first require you to play using your bonus before you can cash out. In such case, you can use this tactic: look for a slot that has a fairly high payout, but is a low-variance slot such as Rainbow Riches slots.

When you play Rainbow Riches slots, you will realize it’s a game you will want to use Auto Play feature in. Just set your desired amount of spins and check back every so often. In no time at all, you might find that you’ve passed the betting requirement. Or better yet, you might be surprised you have just gotten yourself to a bonus game where huge wins await. Indeed, when you have smart betting techniques coupled with the Auto Play function on your side, you may just grab a life-changing win.